About Pet Portraits 

Photography Tips

When you are taking the photos of your pets try to get as close to them as possible. Try taking the photo on their level if you can. Take the photo with the pet filling the frame as much as possible. Try to take accurate shots of the eyes, as the eyes bring out the personality!  You may want to have someone providing assistance.

Allow time for your pet to relax and don't rush the photo session as pets quickly pick up on anxiety. Outdoor photography is best when possible but flash photography is acceptable. Take photos at eye level, placing your pet on a table or deck if necessary. A slight turn of the head often makes a more interesting shot. If you want your portrait to only feature your pet’s head, make sure your photo does also. 

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Portfolio of Commissioned Paintings
Sizes are listed in inches
Trail Pals
Violet and Blue 30x30
Katie sunning
Katie and Sherman
 favorite mat

6x6 framed
sleepy kitten
6x6 framed
watching birds
6x6 framed
The Grumble
Bailey, Ralph and Penny
18x24 framed

Sweet Nick
5x5 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas
5x5 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas
14x18 Framed
Max and Remy
16x20 Framed w/engraved plate