Paintings for Sale
These are some of my latest available for purchase at discounted for art fair prices.
Beach Bird
Pileated plover 16x20 framed  $375
Early  Bird
Bird at Dawn 16x20 framed $375
Wanna Play?
4x4 framed $65-SOLD
Do You Love Me?
4x4 framed $65
All That Glitters Is Gold(fish)
12x16 framed $340
Amazon Parrots
18x24 framed $495
Ella the cow
5x5 1.5 deep gallery wrapped canvas $85
Titus the community cat
5x5 1.5 deep gallery wrapped canvas
Singing bird
4x4 framed $65
Goose and gosling
4x4 framed $65
Breakfast rushed
20x20 framed $425
Mishawaka, Indiana Farm
16x20 framed $375
Deer in snow 
16x20 framed $375
Pretty Girl

8x8 golden framed $125
Little Brownie

8x8 golden framed $125
Sidney the Pug

8x8  framed $125
Lovey the Cow

8x8  framed $125
Little Pig

8x10  framed $145
Squirrel with Dandelion

10 x10 framed $150

12x12  framed $185
Patricia pays a great attention to detail and has captured the true character of my pets.